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This package will create the docker file for the tools used for trackViewer, the sample code and files to run the pipeline, and the slides for the course.


  • Basic knowledge of R
  • Basic knowledge of Docker
  • A computer with internet connection

docker file

docker file for trackViewer

Dockerfile to build trackViewer Based on bioconductor_docker:devel

$ cd ~
$ docker pull jianhong/trackviewerbiocasia2020workshop:latest
$ mkdir tmp4trackViewer
$ docker run -e PASSWORD=123456 -p 8787:8787 \
$       -v ${PWD}/tmp4trackViewer:/volume/data \
$       jianhong/trackviewerbiocasia2020workshop:latest

Learning goals

  1. Gain the basic knowledge of typical workflows for trackViewer

  2. Plot a lolliplot

  3. Plot a dandelion